We are a group of liberty activists committed to strengthening and empowering activists within the Libertarian Party to defend our abortion plank & reproductive rights, and educate and advocate on all issues related to reproductive rights, from birth control, abortion, birth process, adoption, surrogacy, and every way in which people chose how and when to have children, or choose not to.

Our work is not exclusively LP based, but many of our actionable items are! You don’t have to be an LP member to sign up, but we hope you’ll consider it.

There are several groups and a caucus that can benefit from both passive and active members – from donations to various action items for support! Your information may be shared among leadership of these groups with related purposes, but will always be kept confidential. You can choose your level of involvement, we simply want to be able to keep you apprised of the different ways you can be involved, so you can make your choice and help others keep their rights to choose!

Thank you for your interest!