LNC 2020

The business of the Libertarian National Convention starts Thursday morning, July 9th. There will be a Pro-Choice Libertarians booth at the convention – we plan to have stickers, information pamphlets and more available to take. For the complete Convention schedule, please click here. Also, if you’d be willing to work a shift at the booth, please sign up here.

We have some action items happening around the convention:

Every two years we find ourselves defending Plank 1.5 Abortion in the Platform. A small number of delegates turn in their tokens for removal, and force a vote on deletion, which has thankfully lost each year – but the number of people who are hostile to the plank seems to be increasing, and with Justin Amash’s entry into the party, the possibility of abortion-hostile Republicans wandering in trying to change things to suit his record on the issue is unfortunately something we need to actively oppose.

There are several ways we will be opposing this. Please click each image to open full-size.

VOTE NO ON PLANK DELETION – It will likely come to a vote, and they only need a simple majority (50% + 1) to delete it. Please keep an eye out for the question.


Support an amendment to the bylaws – the Bylaws Committee is recommending a slight change to the wording of Article 3.3 and we’ll be pushing an amendment to that change. This would increase the threshold for plank deletion to 2/3 vote instead of 50% + 1. This will take a 2/3 vote to pass.


Support another amendment to the bylaws – we’ll be proposing an amendment from the floor to Rule 5.1, which would require the number of tokens to bring a platform plank up for a deletion vote to be 20% of tokens issued. The current language allows a mere 4% of the delegates to trigger a vote on deletion. This will take a 2/3 vote to pass.

Support an additional plank added to the platform (will require 2/3 vote).

Individual self-ownership includes the individual’s right to make all decisions regarding contraception, abortion, pregnancy, surrogacy, and birthing. Government should not fund, regulate, restrict or mandate relevant procedures and pharmaceuticals.

Please support these initiatives with your votes, talk to your fellow delegates about them, and also: keep in touch. Email us if you hear anything about counter-efforts, or want to meet in person in Orlando to discuss other ways to support.

We are going to try to update this page on the website with ANY new materials or updates so we don’t email you repeatedly with minor updates.

Want to help in other ways? We could use some people at the booth to talk to delegates during non-business hours and breaks. You can sign up for a shift here.

If you are on Facebook and okay with being in a group chat on Messenger, we can keep you up to date immediately. To be added to the group chat, message Avens O’Brien on Facebook.

If you’d like to participate in proposing one of these things at the convention, email us at libertyisprochoice@gmail.com or message Avens on Facebook!